Great Gatsby Reflection

What my group and I did for an activity for class about chapter three was we made a cross word puzzle that consisted of fifteen questions, and we gave it to each group in class to work together on and the first group to finish gets candy. It was a memorable experience because it was like we were the teachers and we were giving the student a test. I learned a lot from chapter 5 the most when we did the jeopardy game in class cause it was the only experience i was there for and they put a lot of questions that summed up all of chapter five.


Rincon beach

Going down on the 101 highway you can find various surfing spots but just between La Conchita and Carpinteria is Rincon beached tucked in between. Rincon is a beach where you will find authentic surfing that people around the globe come to it as its one of their list of experiences as well as it was for me. Its a legendary surfing spot as well as the surfers who hitched a ride to Rincon.  I prefer for people to go surf late in the day before it closes at 9 if you don’t like a crowd or early in the morning when they open at 6. I personally like going at night to surf when the slopes are rough and you can get a couple of good waves. Rincon features Rivermouth, the cove, and the indicater. Tom Curren learned his skill and style at the cove. The indicator is great when the cove is filled with long boarders.

reading between the lines

-I’m reblogging this post because i  strongly agree that the NBA favors the Golden State Warriors as the  officials want to see them in the finals, because they didn’t suspend Draymond green while kicking Steven Adams in the groins and only getting fined instead of being suspended like any other player on a different team would.





The NBA playoffs have been one hell of a wild ride this year. The Cavaliers swept the Pistons, and the Hawks through the first two rounds, the Warriors the seasons proverbial regular season juggernauts haven’t yet lived up to post-season expectations losing games to Houston, Portland, and OKC. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry’s post-season performances […]

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Snowboarding Whistler Mountain

Its the second day of winter break and we are boarding the plane to go to Whistler Mountain in Canada with magnificent views. As I’m in the plane i was mentally preparing for the Burton junior snowboarding competition that I’ve been training for every weekend and some weekdays for ever since its been snowing on the mountains I ended up ranked in the top line up with my twin brother. The fist day was spent by going to glaciers around the area and snowboarding in the night to warm up and getting good GoPro shots that my dad insisted on. As the next day comes i wake up feeling nervous for the competition that is quickly  in five hours. As I take my time getting ready I was hoping time would go by faster so i could just get this over with. I only get nervous when it comes to snowboarding competitions because i don’t know how good or efficient these people are unlike surfing and basketball where I know who I’m competing with. As i went outside swirling fog and was adding to fuel to my stupor. As I walk my over to the opponents entry everyone was here including my brother who was chatting his way to the staff. As the time gets by my division was next with me going up after my brother. As i watch my brothers going down the slopes he comes of a big one landing not so accurately. As its my turn my heart starts beating at a fast beat making me break sweat before I even get to the lineup. As i go to the lineup the audience and my opponents were wishing me luck. As i start to go down i try to get my self in a good speed that vanishes my nervousness, while feeling the adrenaline going through my body as I go up the big slope in the air; mumbling curse words to my self to land it perfectly. As i heard the announcers  say I’ve come behind in fourth place ahead of my brother who came in 6th place. As the competition ended me still being in 4th place I congratulated everyone and hoped to see them next year. Even though the first two days was filled with being nervous but we finished the week having fun and snowboarding one of the best slopes in Canada.

Modern Slavery & Frederick Douglass

Charles became a soldier in Uganda when he was just eight years old without a choice was taken from his home by men from the Lord’s Resistance Army. Frederick Douglass was born a slave on Colonel Lloyd’s plantation. Charles have to stay in the army until he manages to escape or are be rescued. Frederick’s only way out is if escaped without being chased after but he would unfortunatley come back. For charles he food is scarce and the children are badly treated. For frederic The food for him also very bad and little and the adults are more badly treated then children. While Charles was a captive he was shot in his leg and lower back and was forced to act against his will. Because Douglass was used to the city so once he was slaved in a farm he wasn’t familiar with the farm techniques. So his boss Covey would constantly beat him and whip him. On one occasion Charles was whipped 200 times because he left a bomb behind. “Douglass collapsed from fatigue, an event which led to matters that changed his life. Covey came by, kicked him, and gave him a beating”(cliff notes). Unlike Douglass, Charles was forced by the LRA to commit acts that would scare him for life. Charles thinks he killed three people, because the LRA taught the children if they killed someone they could never go back to a normal life with their families. Frederick did not have a family to go back to but he was determined to escape and his slavery. Charles is now 15 and is no longer a soldier. He managed to escape but he has horrible memories of his time in the army. Changes his name to Frederick Douglass and escapes to freedom in the North. Douglass now is Published author of his book “The life of Frederick Douglass” which I used for this blog. He is now an important leader in history for all people who are in or experienced slavery.


Surfing Through California

Southern California is the capital of surfing in the U.S. You can experience all the best beaches in California in a week with the legendary sand, the rocky points, and the best scenery. You can find all levels of surfing on the breath taking coastline highways. I can promise you that SoCal surfers are very friendly and wont get in your way. If your looking for more hard waves Northern California is your place to be. From Marin counties to Del Norte are one of the best places to surf. The cold, wild hard weather, white sharks, and huge unsurfable groundswells; the land of the hardcore surfers. If your looking to surf somewhere withe the best scenery it would be central California, you will also have a lot of surfing options. Southern California is the modern are where all the surfers are but it doesn’t have the high consistency as northern and central Cali does. If you like fun waves and fun crowds Southern Cali is where you need to be. I personally think the winter is the best to surf in southern, because Santa Ana starts to deliver offshore conditions on big pacific swells. You would have a lot of beach breaks from Hunington Beach to Santa Cruz. California is also  where the brands Volcom, Quicksilver, RVCA, Hurley, Billabong, O’Neill, Lost, and dozens come from also known as the Jungle Velcrow. While you come down to California for surfing you can also visit and much more then just surf.

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Surfing Brazil

Brazil is the perfect place if your looking for different kinds of wave, and skill ranges. The best place in Brazil is the deep south it has more variety and bigger swells. The best Brazil can offer for you is the island of Santa Catarina they have nice quality waves. Another place that’s good for surfing is a small island in the north called Fernando de Noronha its has reef breaks and swells, its also the worlds best scuba diving area. There is place of 18 miles of beaches 11 hours away from Rio de Jeneiro, their also known for the place of national surf competitions. The most famous surf region in Brazil is where WTC takes place every year is Florianopolis witch is actually an offshore island. If your going to Brazil just to surf Florianopolis should be the very first spot you go to. One of the main problems about surfing in Brazil is that it gets so crowded in breaks or anything from how popular the sport is. The good thing about Brazil is their is a lot of secret spots that you can find if the crowd is a problem. My experience in Brazil was during the world cup witch was probably the worst time you can go to surf. I went with a group of people who knew a lot of secret places to surf so the crowd wasn’t a problem for me. I also went and saw 10 games for the world cup. Hopefully if you were to go to Brazil you would have an great experience.