Surfing Through California

Southern California is the capital of surfing in the U.S. You can experience all the best beaches in California in a week with the legendary sand, the rocky points, and the best scenery. You can find all levels of surfing on the breath taking coastline highways. I can promise you that SoCal surfers are very friendly and wont get in your way. If your looking for more hard waves Northern California is your place to be. From Marin counties to Del Norte are one of the best places to surf. The cold, wild hard weather, white sharks, and huge unsurfable groundswells; the land of the hardcore surfers. If your looking to surf somewhere withe the best scenery it would be central California, you will also have a lot of surfing options. Southern California is the modern are where all the surfers are but it doesn’t have the high consistency as northern and central Cali does. If you like fun waves and fun crowds Southern Cali is where you need to be. I personally think the winter is the best to surf in southern, because Santa Ana starts to deliver offshore conditions on big pacific swells. You would have a lot of beach breaks from Hunington Beach to Santa Cruz. California is also  where the brands Volcom, Quicksilver, RVCA, Hurley, Billabong, O’Neill, Lost, and dozens come from also known as the Jungle Velcrow. While you come down to California for surfing you can also visit and much more then just surf.

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