Surfing Brazil

Brazil is the perfect place if your looking for different kinds of wave, and skill ranges. The best place in Brazil is the deep south it has more variety and bigger swells. The best Brazil can offer for you is the island of Santa Catarina they have nice quality waves. Another place that’s good for surfing is a small island in the north called Fernando de Noronha its has reef breaks and swells, its also the worlds best scuba diving area. There is place of 18 miles of beaches 11 hours away from Rio de Jeneiro, their also known for the place of national surf competitions. The most famous surf region in Brazil is where WTC takes place every year is Florianopolis witch is actually an offshore island. If your going to Brazil just to surf Florianopolis should be the very first spot you go to. One of the main problems about surfing in Brazil is that it gets so crowded in breaks or anything from how popular the sport is. The good thing about Brazil is their is a lot of secret spots that you can find if the crowd is a problem. My experience in Brazil was during the world cup witch was probably the worst time you can go to surf. I went with a group of people who knew a lot of secret places to surf so the crowd wasn’t a problem for me. I also went and saw 10 games for the world cup. Hopefully if you were to go to Brazil you would have an great experience.



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