Modern Slavery & Frederick Douglass

Charles became a soldier in Uganda when he was just eight years old without a choice was taken from his home by men from the Lord’s Resistance Army. Frederick Douglass was born a slave on Colonel Lloyd’s plantation. Charles have to stay in the army until he manages to escape or are be rescued. Frederick’s only way out is if escaped without being chased after but he would unfortunatley come back. For charles he food is scarce and the children are badly treated. For frederic The food for him also very bad and little and the adults are more badly treated then children. While Charles was a captive he was shot in his leg and lower back and was forced to act against his will. Because Douglass was used to the city so once he was slaved in a farm he wasn’t familiar with the farm techniques. So his boss Covey would constantly beat him and whip him. On one occasion Charles was whipped 200 times because he left a bomb behind. “Douglass collapsed from fatigue, an event which led to matters that changed his life. Covey came by, kicked him, and gave him a beating”(cliff notes). Unlike Douglass, Charles was forced by the LRA to commit acts that would scare him for life. Charles thinks he killed three people, because the LRA taught the children if they killed someone they could never go back to a normal life with their families. Frederick did not have a family to go back to but he was determined to escape and his slavery. Charles is now 15 and is no longer a soldier. He managed to escape but he has horrible memories of his time in the army. Changes his name to Frederick Douglass and escapes to freedom in the North. Douglass now is Published author of his book “The life of Frederick Douglass” which I used for this blog. He is now an important leader in history for all people who are in or experienced slavery.



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