Snowboarding Whistler Mountain

Its the second day of winter break and we are boarding the plane to go to Whistler Mountain in Canada with magnificent views. As I’m in the plane i was mentally preparing for the Burton junior snowboarding competition that I’ve been training for every weekend and some weekdays for ever since its been snowing on the mountains I ended up ranked in the top line up with my twin brother. The fist day was spent by going to glaciers around the area and snowboarding in the night to warm up and getting good GoPro shots that my dad insisted on. As the next day comes i wake up feeling nervous for the competition that is quickly  in five hours. As I take my time getting ready I was hoping time would go by faster so i could just get this over with. I only get nervous when it comes to snowboarding competitions because i don’t know how good or efficient these people are unlike surfing and basketball where I know who I’m competing with. As i went outside swirling fog and was adding to fuel to my stupor. As I walk my over to the opponents entry everyone was here including my brother who was chatting his way to the staff. As the time gets by my division was next with me going up after my brother. As i watch my brothers going down the slopes he comes of a big one landing not so accurately. As its my turn my heart starts beating at a fast beat making me break sweat before I even get to the lineup. As i go to the lineup the audience and my opponents were wishing me luck. As i start to go down i try to get my self in a good speed that vanishes my nervousness, while feeling the adrenaline going through my body as I go up the big slope in the air; mumbling curse words to my self to land it perfectly. As i heard the announcers  say I’ve come behind in fourth place ahead of my brother who came in 6th place. As the competition ended me still being in 4th place I congratulated everyone and hoped to see them next year. Even though the first two days was filled with being nervous but we finished the week having fun and snowboarding one of the best slopes in Canada.


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